About Bonaventure Design

Bonaventure Design is a full-service web and graphic design company that was founded in 2002.  We specialize in custom website designs, WordPress templates, printwork and graphics.

Why Bonaventure?

We believe that your website should be YOURS.  Unique.  Special.  Different.  It takes very little effort, time and money to sign up with one of these website-in-five-minutes outfits.  You choose a pre-built template (that’s probably used on dozens of other sites), throw up some content and your logo, and bingo, your site looks… like everyone else’s.

At Bonaventure Design, we take old-world craftsmanship into the 21st century.  We take the time to understand your needs, your business, organization or product.  What makes you unique?  What is your vision, values and goals?  What kind of image do you want to project?

But we don’t stop there.  We also try to understand your clients and potential site visitors.  If we stumbled upon your site, looking for some information, what would we be looking for and where would we expect to find it?  What are your visitor’s interests?  Why are they coming to your site?

With a solid understanding of you and your organization, and a clear vision of what your visitors need and are looking for, we work closely with you to create a completely custom, stunning website that is uniquely yours.  A website that works for you and for your visitors.  When your visitors come to your site, they experience you and your organization.

About David Brindle

At the age of 14, David’s fascination with computer graphics took hold and he began to develop his skills using basic photo editing software.  He became fascinated with the web in its early days when he realized that web design and development could provide a creative outlet for his love of computer graphics.

He created his first website in 1996.  He cultivated his knowledge and skillset and eventually founded Bonaventure Design in 2002.

David currently lives in Kentucky with his wife and four five wonderful boys (all of whom need to eat!).

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